22 Weeks Pregnant


— A period to notice stretch marks on your belly, breasts, thighs, and buttocks!

22 Weeks PregnantDuring 22 weeks pregnant, you may find that people are starting to touch your belly. During this time, you are feeling pretty active and good. Still, if you are experiencing pains and aches or sense like you are lowering down, then you may need to search for some different solutions for the troubles you are experiencing.

Your uterus is raised to almost 3/4th of an inch above the navel. Though the belly is not yet big, it brings various changes to your profile. During this period, your uterus is approximately 2 cm above the belly button. Also, the center of gravity shifts to a new location. The cheeks look flushed and there will be an amazing glow on your face and you will be getting a lot of compliments for your beautiful look.

Symptoms experienced by a 22 weeks pregnant woman:

Some women still experience some symptoms such as constipation, indigestion or heartburn, vaginal discharge, dizziness or faintness, or leg cramps. Most of these symptoms are due to increased hormone levels, increased blood flow and growing belly size.

The release of pregnancy hormone relaxin makes your pelvic ligaments lose when you are excited and also loosens each other ligament along with the ones in your tootsies. Consecutively, bones beneath the ligaments stretch slightly that may lead for most women in a half or whole shoe size increase.

Physical changes that occur in a 22 weeks pregnant woman:

As each week passes, the size of the abdomen is growing in its size as well as the discomfort is increasing.

During this period, most women begin noticing stretch-marks at or during this time. Whereas some women won’t notice stretch marks till the third trimester and some others won’t notice any stretch marks throughout the pregnancy. Approximately 50% of all the expecting mothers get stretch marks in the areas such as breasts, bellies, thighs and even buttocks in their pregnancy.

As stretch marks on the belly are most common during pregnancy and are very much similar to other marks on the skin and they won’t disappear even with the use of any topical creams. Even if you notice stretch marks on your skin, it is not recommended to seek any type of cosmetic treatment during this time. Even you want to use any kind of topical creams, make sure that you get doctor’s approval.

Usually, during the second trimester, your libido is increased. Due to the increased blood flow, vaginal secretions and clitoris, most women become sexual or multi-orgasmic for the very first time. Don’t think that intercourse can cause harm to your baby. Your baby is surrounded by amniotic sac and completely unaware of the actions happening outside. Until you are actually told by your doctor that you need to refrain from sex, it’s a healthy activity to take part in during pregnancy.

If you have any pregnancy complications like preterm labor, miscarriage, placental abruption, ruptured membranes, or placenta previa, then sexual activity is not recommended.

Fetal changes that occur in a 22 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 22 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the size of a foot in length and weighs about one pound.

From this week, there will be rapid development in your baby. Baby’s lips are almost developed and they become into a complete shape by the end pregnancy week 22. Baby’s fingernails are growing rapidly in a way that you need to trim them after the baby’s birth.

Baby’s pancreas is also well developed and the baby starts producing the hormones on its own. The inner ear of the baby is also well developed in a way that the baby can have its own sense of balance and the baby can clearly hear the sounds outside.

From the translucent phase now the baby’s skin is becoming more wrinkled. Wrinkling is a part of the skin’s way of developing. As the skin is more developed, now the baby can also have the sense of touch.

The fetus in 22 weeks pregnancy has clearly developed eyebrows and eyelids and also the baby starts blinking his/her eyelids.

For baby boys, the testes descend by this time.

Thumb sucking will become a frequent action for your baby, particularly when the baby sleeps and you can clearly see this when you have 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

What care should be taken by a 22 weeks pregnant woman?

Pregnancy Week 22You will gain more weight gradually as your baby continues to fill out. The additional weight gain causes even more strain on your lower back. This can be relieved by wearing low-heeled shoes and also avoid sitting or standing for longer periods.

Pregnant women during this time can apply aloe vera oil to reduce skin irritation. Use cocoa butter based creams or creams containing vitamin E to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Even you use these products, there is no guarantee that stretch marks won’t appear as they are the normal outcome of pregnancy.

Your healthcare provider may recommend you to get a glucose screening test when you are 22 weeks pregnant. This test can help to determine whether you have gestational diabetes to which most women are susceptible during their pregnancy. If the test turns positive, you need to get proper treatment by consulting your healthcare provider.

Smoking should be strictly avoided during pregnancy because smoking can cause the transition of carcinogen in the growing baby which can lead to the formation of tumors in the lung and liver.

For 22 weeks pregnant women, the doctor will recommend undergoing a urine test. The test can identify whether you are in danger of preeclampsia or not.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 23….


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