25 Weeks Pregnant


— It is the time to relax and schedule some quality alone time.

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, you will be starting to show much more and your skin is stretching to accommodate your growing uterus and also the changing body needs. Keeping the skin hydrated can help to ease or avoid itching associated with your enlarged belly.

25 Weeks PregnantWhen you are 25 weeks pregnant, it is very important for every woman to understand all the risk factors associated with pregnancy. Some of the major complications during this week are preterm labor or premature pregnancy. From this week onwards, visits to your healthcare provider are increasing.

Most pregnant women during this time may feel heavy or less mobile, and particularly because you experience this way, it is suggested to stay away from rough physical contacts or particularly most tiresome activities.

Are you practicing Kegels? Kegels are very much essential to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are also helpful to tone your vaginal and perennial area.

Symptoms experienced by a 25 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, you may begin to experience pains and aches at some unusual places. For instance, you may feel moments of shooting pains in your legs, which are known as leg cramps. Leg cramps are most common during pregnancy, but the exact cause is still not known. But some studies proved that changes in circulation, pressure on the blood vessels and nerves and also staying in the position for much time can cause leg cramps.

You may also feel pain at your groin because of the added pressure of the baby. Also, there are some other pregnancy difficulties like indigestion, itchy skin and potty breaks are still some symptoms that may bother you.

If you are feeling any pain in your pelvic region, you might be suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), which is the condition resulting from relaxed and flexible ligaments which normally maintain the pelvic joint aligned. Practicing Kegels and also pelvic tilts will greatly help to strengthen muscles in that area. If you feel severe pain for longer times, ask your doctor for a recommendation to an experienced physical therapist.

Not only you need to deal with tingling hands, but also you may feel tingling in the legs accompanied by the urge to move the hands. During this time, getting a test for iron deficiency anemia because some researchers think it is linked to restless leg syndrome.

Physical changes that occur in a 25 weeks pregnant woman:

Most of the physical changes experienced by women from their second trimester are weight changes. During pregnancy, hair loss is controlled because of changes in pregnancy hormones. Pregnant women may feel that their hair become thicker and shiny than ever before.

You are almost at the end of your second trimester and it will probably mean that you will start to feel worse in the coming weeks. During this time, you are possibly starting to have back pain and becoming fatigued easier. Pregnant women should remember that workout actually gives them energy, though it makes feel tired while performing. So, make sure to work out regularly. Also, avoid lying on your back for extended periods during this time of pregnancy. So, stop doing crunches for at least a few months. During the second trimester, it is recommended to take longer walks, which is a great form of workout.

Are you not getting sound sleep? Are you waking up during the night because of shooting leg cramps? Are you not sleeping because of your growing belly size? Most pregnant women are going to experience trouble sleeping during nights. This condition will become even worse during the third trimester. But using a pregnancy pillow will help you reduce the pain and discomfort.

Fetal changes that occur in a 25 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is approximately 1 ½ pound and just under 9 inches long. During this period, the baby’s physical parts will even out and the major development from this week will be gaining the weight. The development of the nervous system continues this week.

This week, the respiratory system of the baby gets stronger. The feet and head of the baby start rotating so that the head is located towards the birth canal.

Pregnancy Week 25Baby’s breath patterns will become more pronounced this week and he/she attempts to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid. Also, the baby’s nostrils start to open in this week and the blood vessels of the baby’s lungs are well developed.

The baby will begin to start the breathing movements, however, there will be no air left in the lungs. During this time, the baby’s spine contains 150 joints, 1000 ligaments, and 33 rings.

During pregnancy week 25, your little baby will start to put on little meat. This process will continue as your pregnancy progresses.

Fat deposition under the baby’s skin has also started and it will continue as your pregnancy progresses. Also, nervous terminations in the baby’s limbs start to develop in this week. Now the baby can move his/her face and make different facial expressions, which you can see in your 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound scan.

What care should be taken when you are 25 weeks pregnant?

  • Avoid sitting for longer hours.
  • Try to stand up straight.
  • Try to sleep on the firm mattress.
  • Apply hot or ice pack on the painful areas for at least 10 min.
  • Avoid bending your waist.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weight objects. If it is necessary to lift, ensure that you bend your knees.
  • Consider physical therapy if you have severe painful conditions.
  • Stay yourself well hydrated.
  • Don’t do the activities that increase the severity of pain.
  • Sleep and take rest as much as possible.

It is very important to get regular prenatal care to ensure the healthy development of your baby. Regular workout and well-planned diet are the most essential things that you have to care for. You should be very careful about each activity you are doing throughout your pregnancy period.

Risk of gestational diabetes can be reduced with proper control over the levels of carbohydrates you consume. If your doctor identifies this condition, then he/she recommends changing your dietary habits. You can prevent the risk of gestational diabetes by consuming green vegetables, whole wheat cereals, olive oil, ocean fish, and light meals.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 26…


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