3 Weeks Pregnant

— You are conceived and it is the time to concentrate on yourself and your growing baby.

When you are 3 weeks pregnant, the main event i.e. conception has already happened and it is just 265 days to go and there will be a beautiful baby boy or girl in your hand. 3 weeks pregnant women should start taking required proteins, nutrients, folic acid and calcium, which are essential for your baby’s development. You need to start taking these essentials when you have planned to conceive.

3 Weeks PregnantAmong all the prenatal vitamins, the consumption of folic acid is most important as it can help to prevent the defects in neural tube, which is responsible for structuring brain and spinal cord within the early periods of pregnancy.

During this period, it is essential to discuss all the pregnancy features with your obstetrician and also plan your future checkups accordingly. Providing your doctor with all the necessary information will help to determine the type of medical care you require. The doctor will recommend you to take enough rest and should take the suggestions seriously. Week 3 pregnancy is the period for drastic changes in the body and the hormonal combinations that sustain these changes makes you feel overwhelmed.

Practicing meditation, listening to music, reading some relaxing books and smelling the flowers, all these can give you little relaxation from those overwhelming pregnancy symptoms. The mode of relaxation you opt during your pregnancy will help the little one inside you with the most subtle periods of its growth.

Symptoms experienced by a 3 weeks pregnant woman:

Most common pregnancy symptoms experienced by a 3 weeks pregnant woman include: fatigue, nausea, swollen breasts, and frequent urination.

No need to worry about these symptoms as they are natural during pregnancy. With the progression of your pregnancy, most of these symptoms will disappear and you will start feeling normal.

Physical changes that occur in a 3 weeks pregnant woman:

During pregnancy, few women may drop weight due to hormonal fluctuations in the body and due to these changes, mood swings occur very frequently. Keeping positive mind state is very important because depression and nervousness can greatly affect the development of your little one.

Though there could be little discomfort during week 3 pregnancy, and it will be healthy for you to maintain a calm mindset, regular exercise, and healthy eating. Stay connected with your obstetrician for any kind of information you need.

Fetal changes that occur in a 3 weeks pregnant woman:

During week 3 pregnancy, the fetus will get a particular physical dimension that is identical to an extremely small pear. Pear’s round part develops as head and point part becomes as a spine. From the end of week 3, your little one will have a rapidly beating heart. But, the chambers and heart valves will not be formed for coming few weeks.

A small part of blastocyst has grown into the placenta, which is accountable for the production of HCG hormone. During this week, amniotic fluid accumulates around cells to protect your little one throughout the pregnancy. There are various important transformations happen to the baby silently and unseen.

The heart, the brain, the spine as well as gastrointestinal system start to attain a shape. Head of the baby is no larger than 0.06 inches and it will be visible to naked human eyes. Size of the embryo is 2-5 mm and is safely fixed to the walls of the uterus and attached inside the outer layer that will gradually change the shape and become as an amniotic cavity.

One of the most wonderful things of your baby at this week is, you can clearly hear the heart beat of the future baby. At this state, 3 weeks pregnant woman’s body releases something known as EPF, a protein acts as an immune suppressant. The manner EPF functions are amazing as it indicates your body that the little one is not the aggressor and also avoids your body from making any damage to the fetus.

When week 3 pregnancy comes to an end, the egg will become an embryo. Usually, in a 3 weeks pregnant woman, the body is acceptably beginning to be responsive to the job of nourishing a new life within.

Blood volume increases from the 3rd week, which is an indication that your body reacts effectively to baby’s requirements for nutrition. Kidneys start filtering of blood impurities and lead to frequent urination. Higher blood flow gives you more color to the skin and also makes you look even more beautiful.

What care should be taken during pregnancy week 3?

You need to start taking prenatal vitamins. Women with lactose intolerance, history of substance abuse or women expecting twins should take higher amounts of prenatal vitamins and supplements.

Pregnancy Week 3Taking enough calcium during pregnancy is very important because your baby uses calcium from your body to build the bones. When you are not taking sufficient calcium levels, there is an increased chance for osteoporosis during the later life.

Higher protein levels are also recommended for tissue growth. Make sure to take the right amounts of dietary products, green leafy vegetables, and legumes.

Iron is also essential in your pregnancy to increase the blood volume of your baby, so it is essential to take a balanced diet.

Also, practicing the right types of exercises from week 3 pregnancy is a good idea. Avoid doing heavy cardio, skiing, and riding as they increase the risk of miscarriage. During pregnancy, most recommended exercises are Kegel exercises, walking, and swimming.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about what happens during pregnancy week 4…


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