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35 Weeks Pregnant

— Time to make your birth option!

Week 35 is an end to the eighth month of your pregnancy. Very soon, you will be going to give birth to a new life.

When you are 35 weeks pregnant, your uterus is about 6 inches above the belly button. From this week onwards, you need to have prenatal checkups each week until you give birth. Some pregnant women may deliver a full-term baby during their 37 weeks, while some others need to wait till the completion of 40 weeks.

Have you planned about the birth option? If everything goes well with you and your baby, you can choose a birth plan of your choice.

Most pregnant women are uncertain whether the home birth option is safer or not. Women who don’t have any problems throughout their pregnancy and have gone through good prenatal care, then the home birth option is a safe one. However, talk with other people who gave home birth previously and also with your health care provider.

Women with below-mentioned complications can’t give home birth:

  • Placenta previa
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Hypertension
  • Premature labor
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia or eclampsia
  • Active herpes simplex virus
  • Abnormal positioning of the baby such as breech position
  • Any problems in your previous pregnancy

Symptoms experienced by a 35 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 35 weeks pregnant, the hormones are possibly driving you extreme. Most women experience pregnancy mood swings during the last month this is because of anxiety about the pain that occurs in labor and delivery. You get relief from this condition when you discuss it with other women who have gone through the childbirth process earlier.

Difficulty sleeping is a most common symptom that becomes even worse when you are 35 weeks pregnant. Increased belly size makes it more difficult to find a comfortable sleep position and makes you to battle with those sleep disturbances. Leg cramps and frequent bathroom visits don’t help you sleep better. Use maternity pillow to sleep comfortably especially during nights.

Braxton Hicks will become stronger this week. Though these are false labor pains, they can be much painful during this stage. Whenever you feel these false contractions, take a break and change your position. Oftentimes a short walk helps to make the abdominal tightening go away.

Fatigue can also be a distressing problem in 35 weeks, pregnant women. Not sleeping well can also aggravate the fatigue levels. Insufficient sleep may cause you to feel uncomfortable during the day. Taking frequent naps and breaks can help to ease the condition.

Physical changes that occur in a 35 weeks pregnant woman:

For some women, this week may bring the baby into a head down position, while some others still have their baby in breech position. Cephalic or head down position is a more comfortable position to give birth. Even the baby is in breech position, don’t worry, still, there are 5 more weeks to give birth.

This week, you may also notice the leakage of colostrum from your nipples. Breasts will look heavier and splashed with blue veins. So, make sure to wear comfortable maternity bras. A good supportive bra can help reduce the pressure of the heavy breasts on your chest and abdomen.

The level of amniotic fluid in your uterus may start to decrease from this period. If you observe premature rupture of the membranes, immediately check with your doctor. He/she will test the amniotic fluid and find out what it is.

You may notice a rapid or low heart beat. It is very common to experience heart palpitation due to the displacement of larges blood vessels and the increased load on your heart. If you notice severe chest pain or difficulty breathing, immediately consult your doctor.

Fetal changes that occur in a 35 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 35 weeks pregnant, the baby is almost 20.25 inches length and 5.5 pounds weight. Usually, babies gain half a pound per each week during the last month of pregnancy. This week begins your baby’s most rapid period of weight gain.

Babies who are born during this week or after have 99% chances of survival. For baby boys, the testes have completed descending. He/she is continuing to gain weight and store fat all over his or her body. The lungs are almost fully developed.

A 35 weeks fetus has an immature digestive tract. Because of more fat deposition, the baby’s legs and hands will look chubby, which you can observe in your 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

From this week, there will be less fetal movements. The baby’s hearing system is almost well developed and he/she can clearly hear your voice. So, try to spend quality time with your baby.

Liver and kidneys are well developed and start their functioning. The nervous system is continuing its development.

Lungs are still in their last stage of development. Even you give birth during this week; he/she can survive outside the womb.

What care should be taken by a 35 weeks pregnant woman?

As these last 5 weeks are very exhausting, taking enough rest can greatly help with your condition. If you notice any false labor pain, frequent walking is recommended.

Make sure that the diet is rich in iron, calcium, and fiber. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining an active lifestyle will help to get quality sleep during nights.

Remember that stress and anxiety that you feel may have a great impact on your child. Several studies proved that a mother’s mind state can greatly influence the baby’s development, especially during the last month of your pregnancy.

Now it is the time to increase your hemoglobin levels. For this, you need to consume higher iron levels. Hemoglobin increases the production of blood which is essential during the childbirth process because of more blood loss.

Have a wonderful journey of pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 36…



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