7 Weeks Pregnant

— The period to recognize the baby’s heart beat

When you are 7 weeks pregnant, the fetal size is about the size of a small raspberry or a grape. This week brings several changes in you and your baby’s body and you must start planning for the days to come as well as for the arrival of the baby in your life.

During pregnancy week 7, you can either lose or gain weight. It is completely normal and no need to worry whether you gain or lose weight. When you are 7 weeks pregnant, you may experience cravings to some specific foods and want to eat larger portions to fight with the consequences of morning sickness.

Read on to more about the exciting features that happen during pregnancy week 7…

Symptoms experienced by a 7 weeks pregnant woman:

7 Weeks PregnantDuring this week also, you may still have the symptoms of morning sickness. If this condition continues in the same manner, you won’t gain much weight than very few pounds.

Constipation and irregular bouts of indigestion are most common during pregnancy week 7. You may also feel dizziness and lightheadedness and sometimes headaches. Pregnant women who are already suffering from migraines should take the doctor’s advice for precise medication and avoidance of the foods that trigger these attacks. Sometimes, hormonal changes can also cause migraines.

Keep eyes on the changes that occur in your body and if you notice anything strange, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Also, there is a great chance to notice spotting during this week. Most pregnant women consider it as an indication of the period that didn’t take place, but it is caused by the embryo getting more connected to the walls of the uterus.

Physical changes that occur in a 7 weeks pregnant woman:

The rapid increase of progesterone hormone can make your face to break out. Due to the hormonal changes, acne and pimple come out on your face and back. It is completely normal for pregnant women and they will disappear after the child birth. So, drinking plenty of water and washing your face twice a day can make the face look fresh and decrease the occurrence of acne.

During pregnancy week 7, there is some important changes take place to the cervix. During this week, the body produces the mucus plug, which will structure at the entrance of the cervical canal and encloses the uterus for safety keeping there till the moment of child birth.

The uterus in a 7 weeks pregnant woman will increase in size, it almost becomes double than usual. When you are at the end of your pregnancy, the size of the uterus will almost become 100 times bigger than its usual size.

The blood in your body will increase by 10%. The increase in blood flow and the increase in the size of the uterus can put a great pressure on the bladder causing the urge to urinate more frequently.

Knowing what to eat and what to not eat will help in the healthy development of your baby. Pregnancy cravings are very natural for most women, but don’t take the foods in large quantities and it will make you overweight during pregnancy. Some studies said that cravings are an indication of lack of nutrients in your body, so eating a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables is most important.

Fetal changes that occur in a 7 weeks pregnant woman:

The first facial features of the baby will start developing this week. The dark spots on the face will become as eyes. Lens and retina will be formed within a few days. Formation of pits indicates the growth of nostrils and ears. During this week, eyes and ears are the most recognizable features of your baby.

This week, mouth and tongue formation takes place and soon there will be a teeth lining also. The baby’s body starts the production of blood and the bones will start to become hard and stiff.

This week also, there is a rapid development of your baby’s brain. The liver is formed and it starts the production of red blood cells. One more interesting feature when you are 7 weeks pregnant is identifying your baby’s blood group.

With the heart also, there is a major development takes place. The right and left chambers of the heart are formed and when you perform the ultrasound scan, you can recognize the motion of the heart.

Changes in the trachea and esophagus will take place and they differentiate the lung position on each side. Development of intestines will also take place during pregnancy week 7.

The cavity and passages those are essential for circulation of spinal fluid will start developing. Your baby starts using the placenta as an excretory organ.

What care should be taken by a 7 weeks pregnant woman?

  • Take prenatal vitamins as prescribed by the physician. B6 vitamin can help to relieve the nausea and improves the skin condition.
  • Don’t keep your stomach either full or empty. Take ginger ale to reduce stomach discomfort.
  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Concentrate on your breathing and energy levels
  • Frequent rest will help to reduce fatigue
  • Lemons, ginger tea, ginger snaps or ginger root will help to reduce morning sickness
  • Follow a healthy diet and reduce the foods that have high fat and sweets

7 Weeks PregnantIf you have any respiratory infections during pregnancy week 7, don’t take medications on your own. You should consult your doctor to know about the condition because taking any medication longer than 48 hours can cause damage to your baby.

Stay away from cat and dog litter. Any contact with the litter can cause toxoplasmosis that transmits through the placenta and causes significant damage to the baby.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about exciting things during pregnancy week 8…


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