8 Weeks Pregnant


— The period to start the functioning of organs, muscles, and nerves!

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, the baby is now 6 weeks old. The first day of your last period was considered day 1 of your 280-day pregnancy, but the conception takes place during the third week of the monthly menstrual cycle.

Though you are 8 weeks pregnant, you may not even be showing yet and you are most likely dealing with the symptoms of pregnancy. Want to manage morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms? Then read on to know more…

Symptoms experienced by an 8 weeks pregnant woman:

8 Weeks PregnantFeeling bloated? Bloating, indigestion, and heartburn are some of the common symptoms during pregnancy. A slow digestive process is the main reason for such symptoms, which make the circulatory system less likely for absorbing the nutrition and permits these to be transferred to the baby.

If you feel heartburn as a very annoying condition and make it difficult to eat, then you can visit your healthcare provider. The doctor recommends an antacid, however, the most effective method to manage this condition is drinking lots of water and consuming the food in little amounts.

You may experience cramping in the middle of the first trimester and it continues for a few weeks. For 8 weeks pregnant women, the severity of cramping is mild and also it won’t cause any damage to you.

The lower back is the most common problem during pregnancy. Especially it is more severe during the second and third trimesters. The main reason for lower back pain is the force of the uterus at the lower portion of the spine.

Occasionally, you may also experience a sharp ache in your buttocks and also the sides of the thighs, which is due to the pressure of the uterus on the sciatic nerve. When you feel more discomfort with this condition, then you have to take enough rest and also consider physical therapy.

You may feel more tired with the increased blood flow and also the increased nutrients need. You should understand that more cravings for food can be linked with nausea. Eat the best and don’t put the stomach stressed by ingesting more food.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, you may also experience water retention. So, make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear to avoid the condition.

Physical changes that occur in an 8-week pregnant woman:

You may notice a slight increase in your waistline, but you are probably not showing. When you press the abdomen, you may feel your enlarged uterus which is about the size of a softball during this week. The changes are most apparent for the women who are pregnant for the second time because the abdominal wall is thinner in their case.

Your breasts may have grown large enough so that you’ll need bigger bras to offer better support.

The increased size of the uterus may cause slight discomfort over time. When you experience cramping along with mild spotting, then you need to consult your healthcare provider.

You may notice pimples on your face and back and also some skin problems.

Fetal changes that occur is an 8 weeks pregnant woman:

Your baby is approximately 14-20mm (0.56 – 0.8 inches) in length and continues to grow quickly. This week brings many changes in your baby, such as the embryonic tail is just about disappeared, and the baby’s muscles, nerves, and organs are beginning their functioning.

When you are 8 weeks pregnant, one of the great things that happen with your baby is related to the brain. In the baby’s brain, nerve cells are dividing out to join with each other and structure primitive neural pathways.

Also, there will be great changes in your baby’s hands and legs. Hands start to turn at the wrist and the feet start to lose their webbed look.

Eyelids will develop and cover most of the eyes and the tastebuds on the baby’s tongue start to develop. And the external ears will appear by the end of pregnancy week 8.

During pregnancy week 8, the cells will be performed, which will later become either testes or ovaries. Though there won’t be any noticeable sign of the baby’s gender, this is the period that decides the baby’s sex.

Muscle contractions will begin, but the movements are not yet visible. During pregnancy week 8, lungs will begin their functioning and the small respiratory areas emerge. The tubes that are linked to the throat and lungs begin to form braches.

Every woman should know the fact that each child has its very own pace of growth, so every development process is different.

What care should be taken by an 8 weeks pregnant woman?

  • Consume smaller and frequent meals.
  • Wear a comfortable bra, loose clothing, and footwear.
  • Chew the food thoroughly and reduce the consumption of high-fat foods.
  • Take enough rest and don’t stand for much time as it may increase abdominal cramping.
  • Don’t take any medications without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Take regular prenatal vitamins and don’t skip them even for a single day.

Pregnancy Week 8You should remember that the more you care for yourself during your pregnancy, the healthier and safer the baby is during and after the delivery. So, to ensure a proper baby’s health condition, regular prenatal checkups are very much essential.

Stay away from environmental factors that can increase the risk of miscarriage. So, keep away from exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental hazards.

Have a wonderful journey of pregnancy!! Go on to know more about exciting things during pregnancy week 9…


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