6 Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Fast With Ultimate Pleasure and Intimacy

Right timing can make a woman pregnant regardless of any specific sexual positions. As we all know getting pregnancy depends on many factors such as environment, health, timing, and lifestyle. You believe it or not!! Gravity also plays a key role in getting pregnant as it hinders or helps how the sperm is reaching successfully its female counterpart, egg!

These sex positions are speculative by scientific standards, which are successfully considered by parents worldwide.

1. Missionary Position

Best Sexual Positions to get PregnantMissionary position is a man on the position. Tremendously, many parents and experts agree that man positioned on the top while intercourse provides the greatest chances of conception. This position makes a degree of penetration easy and allows the sperm to get deposited at cervical opening. Moreover, missionary position also offers additional advantages that both partners could feel comfortable and communicate each other with sexual looks, touch, intimate kisses, oral stimulation of breasts and nipples and even movement.

2. Spooning

In this position, women lie on her back and her partner cuddles her from the back. Both the partners are quietly relaxed hence achieves fast conception in this position. The man can manually stimulate his partner clitoris and breasts. Closer contact and gentle kisses between the two partners can ignite more pleasure.

3. Scissors

No, this is not like your paper rock scissors game! This position is one of the best and unique positions that enhance your possibility of getting pregnant and even enjoyment too. This position involves woman lies on her side keeping bottom leg between the partner’s legs and the top leg is straddled over his side. A man lies perpendicular to the partner with his bottom leg under her and top leg between her legs then your view looks like scissors.

4. From Behind

Wishing to have more enjoyment and fast conception while intercourse? Then try this position that is having sex from behind that enables man to enter the female counterpart with deeper thrusts and relaxes the sperm near to cervix. Due to this, the man’s orgasms can be more intense too. This position is said as doggy style in which women kneels in front of the man. The results may surprise you both.

5. Living on Edge

One can take this literally! A woman lies on edge of the couch. So that man can cuddle her from the front either in kneeling position or standing position. This gives more excitement for both the partners and a man can enjoy good penetration.

6. M or F Position

Generally, this will be the best posture for fast pregnancy. In this position, women lie supine keeping her knees bent and slightly apart. This posture increases semen concentration around cervix entrance. So that cervix gets soaked in semen pool and even the sperm gets good chances of entering into the fallopian tubes where it can meet with the egg for conception to take place.


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