Commonly Asked Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

A lot of couples wonder whether having sex during pregnancy is a safe thing to do or which are the months during pregnancy when sex must be completely prohibited.  While some couples may find that pregnancy is a great time for having sex, others may not share this view.  While husbands may find the body of a pregnant wife more desirable, wives may feel anxious about the baby’s health. So to answer these commonly raised concerns and doubts, we have the following useful information for you:

About Sex During PregnancyCan I have sex during pregnancy?

This is surely one of the most commonly asked questions relating to sex during pregnancy and the answer to it is yes. Having sex during pregnancy is completely normal and a couple can continue doing it till the time the water breaks.  But there may be certain situations under which, sex during pregnancy may not be the best thing to do. These are:

  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • A low lying placenta or a condition called placenta praevia
  • Broken water
  • Pain and cramps in the abdomen
  • A history of miscarriages
  • A history of cervical weakness
  • A case in which your husband has genital herpes

Can sex harm my baby?

The next common question asked by many parents is whether sex can harm the baby.  It is important to know that there is no chance that you will harm your baby, even in the position where your husband is at the top.  In fact, there is no chance of an infection being caused to your baby since a thick mucus plug helps to guard your baby against any kind of infection.  Moreover, the strong muscles or your womb or uterus are enough to protect the little one.  If you happen to experience a lot of movement of the baby after having an orgasm, then it is not because the baby could feel what happened but because of the pounding of your heart.

Is oral sex safe during pregnancy?

If you think that intercourse is a risky thing to do during pregnancy, you can opt for oral sex as this is not only very safe but also a good alternative.

Which are the safest sex positions during pregnancy?

Here are some of the positions which are the safest for sex during pregnancy:

  • Lie sideways-this is one of the most comfortable and practical sexual positions to avoid bringing the tummy in between you and your partner. This position will allow you to keep the weight of your husband off the uterus.
  • Spoons position-this position may allow only shallow penetration but is safe and very comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Using the bed as a prop-another position that you can try is by lying on your back at the foot or the side of the bed with bent knees.  Your feet as well as your bottom must be perched at the edge of the mattress so that your husband can stand in front or kneel.
  • The woman on top-this position allows deep penetration and puts absolutely no weight on your abdomen.


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