How to Conceive a Baby Girl? Follow These Without Any Fail

Are you wishing for a girl baby? Already have one boy or more and longing to see a baby girl, here are some best intercourse positions that increase the chances of conceiving with a girl baby.

1. Women on the top

Wishing for a girl? Then woman should be placed on top during sex! Yes woman on top could help you to get pregnant with baby girl as she is the one who controls the depth of penetration. Avoid going deep and guide your partner to ejaculate the sperm pool near to the opening of vagina so male sperm find the way difficult to reach female sperm since their life span is less than female’s.

2. Spooning experiment

This is the common and best sex position that helps couples who are hoping for female baby. And which woman does not love to spoon, right? This spooning position allows shallow penetration only hence, increases the possibilities of female sperm reaching its destination and fertilizing egg first.

3. Do it missionary style

One can find this position might be the old-fashioned sex but it could be the best posture and almost like golden ticket to conceive with a girl baby. Female sperm can survive up to five days. This position does not allow deep penetrations and the male sperm finds longer path to go and gives clear advantage to female sperms.

4. Don’t orgasm during intercourse

If you are hoping for a girl baby then all you have to do is to restrict the urge to release orgasm. If you don’t resist orgasm release, your vaginal environment turns to alkaline in nature as your body releases some chemicals after orgasm. This alkaline environment gives effective chance for male sperm to thrive longer.

5. Doggy style variations

In this position, woman lay upside down on the bed and place her legs and knees facing down, which is the best sex position for those who want to make girl baby. This position allows more shallow penetrations and increases your odds of female baby conception.


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