Sex During Pregnancy – How Safe Is It?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments for women. It’s the ‘gift of life’ a mother gives to her baby. From the day of conceiving to the day of delivery, it is a journey of joy. A woman transforms to become a mother, it takes her nine months.

There are a number of the stages of pregnancy and relative changes that women go through during a healthy pregnancy and the topic of sex after and during pregnancy can be confusing.

Sex During PregnancyAt the beginning of pregnancy, there are numerous symptoms that women have like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, breast changes, spotting, cramps etc. These symptoms are common to all healthy pregnancies as the stages of embryonic development follow a similar pattern. Sex during pregnancy can have various aspects, and the last thing parents want to do is harm the baby during sex. With multiple issues in mind, most couples refrain from having sex during pregnancy which is rather unnecessary.

In reality, it is completely safe to have sex during pregnancy but only for uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancies. Usually, in the first trimester, the desire for sex is less, but sex during this time is completely safe. The mother is going through symptoms of pregnancy and tired most of the time which results in loss of sex drive. Couples are generally scared and abstain from sex which is a bad choice as later in pregnancy they might not be able to have it depending upon the complications.

In the second trimester, the bump appears and there is more lubrication at the vaginal opening, the body is more relaxed, less tired and has mentally accepted the pregnancy. This leads to a slight increase in the sex drive, and having sex is safe during the second trimester as well. But, regular visits to the gynecologist may be a healthy choice before making any decisions on the same.

The third semester is crucial, and some measures need to be taken. The sex positions should be bump- friendly, the female should not lay flat on her back, as the baby weight compresses some of the nerves which cause a change in heart rate and blood pressure that can lead to dizziness and other symptoms or signs. Also, the positions where the man is on top should be completely avoided. Also, oral sex must be eluded as blowing into the vagina can be fatal for both mother and baby.

There are two types of delivery methods normally through the vagina or C- section. Having sex after birth can be a stressful as right after giving birth there is vaginal dryness, and contractions result in widening of the vagina, so it needs around 4 to 6 weeks to close and use of gel and lubricants is recommended. Further, it depends upon the women’s mindset and acceptance towards it.  At this time caressing the female and soft sex can help her get back on track with the earlier sex life.


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