Want to Have A Baby Boy? Try These Proved Sex Positions

Want to fulfill your dream of conceiving a baby boy? Many studies have shown that there is a strong connection between the way you make intercourse and the gender of the baby you conceive. Here are a few of best sexual postures to increase your odds of male baby conception.

Generally, the life span of male sperm is less so they die faster than females do. Therefore, shortening the distance that sperms have to travel to reach their destination could help the couples who are hoping for the conception of a male baby.

Sexual positions that increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy:

1. Modified Doggy Style

This is a better deep penetration process that helps you to conceive a male baby. This position involves woman should bend her legs like leapfrog position that allows deep penetration process and closer release of Y-chromosome rich sperm into the cervix.

2. Spooning Variations

Spooning variations are great intercourse postures to get a male baby conception as they permit deep penetration and highly erotic too. This position allows a woman to stimulate and move the partner’s genital organs so that the sperm count and blood flow increases. This benefits for the release of more male sperm and hence increases the possibility of conceiving a male baby.

3. The Anvil Position

This intercourse position requires core strength and flexibility. In this position, a woman has to make use of a pillow or folded blanket to enhance the pelvic incline. The woman may also raise the pelvis at the exact moment of male ejaculation for deposition of sperm deeply into the cervix.

4. The Crouching Tiger

For those who are looking for pleasant and quick solutions to make a baby boy conception, the crouching tiger position can help you. It is ideal for activating G-spot and deep penetration. A woman has to stay at the edge of the bed, keeping her buttocks lifted and back arched slightly. A man should be behind her and in this erotic posture; he will be the one who can control depth.

5. No woman on top

The position in which woman on the top of man should be avoided to increase the possibilities of sperm to reach the egg and thus increase the odds of male conception. In this position, it’s difficult to male sperm to travel along fallopian tubes. Hence, it cannot reach its destination in time before female sperm as the male one live shorter period than female. Consequently, decreases the chances of having a male baby.


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