Is the Baby Fully Developed at 20 Weeks Stage?

If you are 20 weeks pregnant, you’ve made it to halfway through pregnancy. You are now five months pregnant and just four more to go. Your baby in uterus at this stage is still developing. She still needs many major organs to survive outside, but appears to be fully developed at 20 weeks (20 Weeks Pregnant). This is because, your baby’s face resembles that of a fully-formed baby. In fact, she totally looks like a newborn baby at this stage, but is not completely developed yet. Developments keep happening till you reach full term of your pregnancy.

Baby’s growth at 20 weeks

Your baby’s body appears to be in the right proportion now. Her head looks more balanced with that of hands and legs. Her ears and eyes have reached their respective positions and are functioning already! The eyelids remain fused for now, but the baby can listen to your breathing and heartbeat and can respond to sounds as well. Her hair, finger and toe nails have started growing. Her lungs still need time to improve and function. Your baby’s tastebuds are well formed and she may even identify some strong flavoured foods which you eat, like spicy dishes or garlic.

Baby Fully Developed at 20 Weeks

If you have your ultrasound scan scheduled around this time, you may also find out the gender of your baby. If it’s a boy, his scrotum is in developmental stage and once formed, the testicles which are in abdomen, start to move down in the coming weeks to take their place. If it’s a girl, the uterus is completely developed, cervix canal is building up and the baby has tiny ovaries.

Baby’s movement

Your baby has enough room in the womb to move and float around easily, exercising her hands and legs. As the baby has more control of her limbs now, the kicks and jabs can feel more prominent.


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