Breast Tenderness before Period vs. Early Pregnancy


Are you pregnant? The symptoms of the premenstrual period may seem identical to the symptoms of early pregnancy. Breast tenderness is a painful symptom that happens to women who have a period and during pregnancy as well. Therefore, how to say whether you are going with another cycle or pregnant? Here are some ways to sort it out.

Breast Tenderness and Early Pregnancy

Breast Tenderness before Period vs. Early PregnancyMany women have symptoms of tender breasts, tiredness, depression, cramps, and food cravings. But nausea is the one which is the true symptom of pregnancy and one could not be confused with an oncoming period.

You may have high temperatures after your ovulation so keep recording your temperature levels at least for 14 days after completion of the period. Use a home pregnancy test kit to confirm if it is PMS or pregnancy.

Tender breasts during PMS actually happen due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones cause the growth of milk glands in both the breasts just before menstruation leading to tenderness. Whereas, during pregnancy breast tenderness results from the formation of milk ducts after conception due to fat build up. Due to the increased size of milk ducts, breasts may experience soreness, tenderness, swollen and painful.

During PMS nipples feel tender and are sensitive to touch. All these symptoms are almost similar and occur during pregnancy too, except with the itching and discomfort due to sensitive nipples. Also, you may notice the appearance of veins on the breasts and bigger areola, noticeable bumps as well since nipples are preparing for breastfeeding. These are the symptoms that differentiate between PMS and pregnancy symptoms.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many drastic changes due to hormonal fluctuations. Hence breast tenderness is more intense than during your period. If your tenderness does not wane off even after two weeks, it may be due to pregnancy.


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