Cervix Changes in Early Pregnancy and Other Times

You may be aware of every little change that takes place when you get pregnant, but you probably may not have known that your cervix also changes during this phase. It is incredible to know how transformations take place as soon as you conceive, so as to take care of the tiny being before it enters the world. Some women track their cervix changes to know if they are pregnant. It is one of the signs of early pregnancy, but it is better to take a test to confirm it.

Cervix Changes in Early Pregnancy

What purpose does a cervix serve?

A cervix is a cylindrical shaped organ that is a part of the uterus and has an important role in the birthing process. It is a passage connecting the vagina to the uterus. Sperm moves through this tube-like muscle towards the opening of the cervix. When you are pregnant, a thick mucous layer forms at the cervical opening to prevent bacteria from reaching the uterus and causing infection. The cervix starts dilating and widening when your pregnancy reaches full term. This is to enable the baby to travel down the passage to be born. When the cervix thins, the mucous layer is discharged, indicating that you may go into labor soon.

How does the cervix change?

The cervix goes through different changes in early pregnancy. It changes its position and feels different to touch. Cervical mucous also changes in color and consistency. You may know that you have conceived by tracking cervix changes. Know more about how cervical mucous changes may indicate pregnancy

Position of cervix when not pregnant

Cervix keeps changing between menstrual and ovulation cycles. Your cervix hangs low normally, feels firm to touch and is closed. During your fertile days, the cervix feels soft, rises high and is open. This time around ovulation, you will also notice cervical discharge.

Position of cervix when pregnant

In early pregnancy, cervix will be high in position and is closed. The rising hormonal levels increase blood flow to the pelvic area, making the cervix feel smooth and velvety in texture. Your cervix also widens and forms cervical mucous which acts as a plug inside cervix, blocking the entry of bacteria from entering the uterus, protecting your baby.

Cervix position during pregnancy

Throughout the pregnancy, your cervix changes positions. During the first twelve weeks of gestation, the cervix will be high and in anterior position. It changes to posterior position as the pregnancy advances into second trimester. It then becomes softer as your pregnancy moves closer towards nine months. The cervix gradually dilates, decreases in length and finally opens up.

It may not be the same case with all women, because every pregnant woman’s body reacts in a different way. You cannot always determine being pregnant by checking your cervix position. It can be misleading sometimes because cervix may change a little late in some women.


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