Does Cramping Indicate Early Pregnancy Symptom?


Pregnancy is one of the happiest phases in a woman’s lifetime. During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences a lot of changes, in terms of hormonal, physical and emotional aspects. But almost every woman who is pregnant could experience mild cramps in the first few weeks of her pregnancy.

early pregnancy symptoms crampingCauses of early pregnancy symptoms cramping:

The most prevalent reason for cramping during the first phases of pregnancy is caused by implantation. Other possible causes may be one or more of the following:

  • Chemical pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Hormonal changes
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Uterine changes
  • Other reasons are constipation and gas pains

Is cramping an early pregnancy symptom?

Yes, cramping without bleeding is an early pregnancy indicator that a woman’s body is getting ready for those nine months of pregnancy. The cramping is normally just like light menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen or on one side or both the sides. Mild cramping during the first trimester may indicate the pregnancy is progressing properly as it is sometimes caused by the body’s changes in preparation for the pregnancy. Cramping while in early pregnancy is quite different than cramps during delayed pregnancy. The intensity of early pregnancy cramping can vary from one pregnant woman to another, but should never be severe in nature. Severe early pregnancy cramping may be a sign of pregnancy problems.

Is cramping serious?

You should keep in mind that normal uterine cramps during the early pregnancy is generally very mild and mimics menstrual cramping. However, cramping indicates something serious when:

  • Blood is dark colored
  • The pain and discomfort will not disappear even after sleeping for a few minutes
  • You notice excessive vaginal bleeding
  • You have experienced past miscarriages

If you have severe cramping during early pregnancy that is associated with spotting, bleeding and fever, you should contact your obstetrician for advice and guidance. This can prevent serious complications for the mother at this stage, and save your pregnancy.

Treating early pregnancy symptoms cramps:

The following remedies should help you to get relief from cramping symptoms during early pregnancy.

  • Try to relax with a warm shower
  • Do few gentle exercises like walking and swimming
  • Applying hot and cold compresses will help to alleviate the cramping pain
  • Take the advised dosage of supplements like Tylenol and paracetamol, which may help to reduce cramping during early pregnancy.
  • Avoid medications like motrin, ibuprofen and other aspirin drugs as they may potentially cause heavy vaginal bleeding and spotting.
  • Eating healthy and well-balanced foods
  • Abstain from sexual intercourse

Though cramping during early pregnancy is a positive and comparatively harmless indication, you need to take above safety measures and follow the obstetrician advice to prevent pregnancy problems.


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