5 Most Accurate At-Home Early Pregnancy Symptom Checker


There are several brands that offer various types of early pregnancy symptom checker. So, you will get a doubt that when to use early pregnancy symptom checker? The box says that you can use it three to four days before your missed period, but checking it too early may not give the accurate results.

There are few things that can help you in getting the best results. Use early morning urine to get accurate test results. If the test is negative, you need to repeat the test after a few days. If you get a faint line, chances are you are indeed pregnant. Wait for one or two days and test again.

Home Early Pregnancy Symptom CheckerBut, most women will have a great confusion that which early pregnancy symptom checker needs to be used. After thorough research, here are the most popular test methods:

1. First Response Early Result

This is an at-home early pregnancy symptom checker that can give an accurate result. The test kit can detect your pregnancy hormone six days prior you miss the period. The first response is able to read only scant amounts of pregnancy hormone and it is very easy to read the results. You can get this test kit at major drug stores, retail or stores, and grocery stores.

2. Accu Clear Early Pregnancy Test

You can use this test kit the day you miss your period. It is 99% accurate when you use the kit according to the instructions. It is a more sensitive pregnancy test when compared to others, which means it can detect even a small amount of hCG. You can use it up to 5 days prior to your missed period. The test kit is sold in the packages of 2 or 3. It is easy to use with clear instructions and also the results are quick and accurate.

3. EPT Certainty Early Pregnancy Symptom Checker

EPT is the very first home pregnancy test kit and leads the way for millions of women to take control of their personal health. You can use EPT one day after you miss the period and you can read the results within 10 minutes and you can’t misread the results as it says either pregnant or not.

4. Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

With this early pregnancy symptom checker, you can get unmistakably clear results in words. With this test kit, you are not required to interpret the results. The digital display in the test kit tells you in clear words whether you are pregnant or not. You can get 99% accurate result from the day of your expected period. It is easy to use the test kit and you can get the result under 3 minutes.

5. First Response Gold

It is a very sensitive test that can give results up to 5 days before your next period. It comes with an easy-to-read display that gives you simple YES or NO result. There is one unique feature in the test i.e. TEST IS WORKING, which means you are using the kit properly. It is a bit expensive when compared to other tests.


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