7 Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before You Miss Your Period


I suspect that you are pregnant? Do you notice any pregnancy symptoms before you miss your period? If you are not aware of the clear signs of pregnancy, then you should read this article.

Early pregnancy symptoms are almost related to hormonal changes inside your body. But not all women need to notice these symptoms. Most of the women suspect that these symptoms indicate their upcoming menstrual date. Women who are very keen on their body changes can notice any change in their body, such as breast and nipple changes, increased body temperature, increased fatigue, and even morning sickness. Women should understand that these symptoms may differ from one to another. Not all women experience the same early pregnancy signs.

Here is a brief overview of pregnancy symptoms before the missed period:

1 Week PregnantIncreased body temperature

An increase in basal body temperature (BBT) is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Basal temperature is the lowest body temperature measured when you are at rest. Once ovulation starts, there will be an increase in this temperature level, and maintain that until your next menstrual cycle. There is a special thermometer used to measure this basal body temperature. Even you observe an increase of one-half to one degree Fahrenheit in BBT; it can be a subtle early pregnancy symptom. You will notice this change as early as two days after ovulation.

Breast changes

Breast changes are the most prominent pregnancy symptoms you may notice prior you miss the period. A sudden hormonal drift is the major cause of breast changes. You may notice tenderness and swelling in the nipples and breasts. Women who are very sensitive to their changes can observe these symptoms and feel that a new life grows inside their bodies. You may also observe darkness around the nipple area, and also the bumps on the areola will become more prominent. You can observe these symptoms as early as one week after conception.

Vomiting and nausea

This condition is usually termed as pregnancy morning sickness. Usually, this symptom strikes around the pregnancy week 6, but this is an early pregnancy symptom for a few women before they miss the period. Even though half of the pregnant women have morning sickness, they may or may not experience vomiting, but it is accompanied by nausea. The severity of this symptom is greatly associated with hormone levels in your body. Doctors usually indicate that the greater the severity of morning sickness, the more healthy is your baby’s development during pregnancy.


The rapid drift in hormones causes the intestines to get relaxed and thus leads to constipation. If you notice less than four bowel movements within a week, it will strongly indicate pregnancy.

Abdominal bloating

Hormonal changes can cause a bloated abdomen, but this is also a sign you notice before your period starts.


Increased progesterone hormone levels can make you feel tired and sleepy. New changes occurring in your body can cause complete burnout of all your energy and make you feel tired and fatigued.

Frequent urination

Fluid levels and blood supply will increase during pregnancy. After processing these fluids by kidneys, your bladder will eventually fill up with the wastes with which you feel an increased urge to urinate. hCG hormone changes can also cause frequent urination.


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