Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy Symptoms


There are a lot of women who experience mood swings in early pregnancy symptoms.

If you snap at people in one moment and you want to hug them in the next, you can be sure that you are facing mood swings. Because of them, it is possible for pregnant women to laugh and cry at the same time.

What causes the early pregnancy mood swings?

Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy SymptomsJust as in the case of many other annoying symptoms, the cause is the fluctuating levels of hormones. During the early stages, the progesterone and estrogen levels change a lot in your body and they affect your brain chemistry. Naturally, the hormones aren’t the only ones affecting you.

When thinking about the mood swings of the early pregnancy symptoms, it doesn’t really matter whether your pregnancy is planned or not, or if this is your first pregnancy or not because having a child is something big. It is normal for women to be worried or anxious.

Usually, the women experiencing mood swings in early pregnancy symptoms are worried about parenthood and about its financial aspects. The truth is that moods swings could suggest that there is an underlying condition, such as anemia, hyperthyroidism, gestational diabetes or migraines.

See your doctor

Although you might think that the early pregnancy mood swings symptoms aren’t serious, you should know that it is best if you see your doctor in case the mood swings get serious. If you had depression, anxiety or other mental health problems in the past, you should see your doctor and be tested for depression.

The mood swings in early pregnancy symptoms can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as experiencing fatigue, feelings of guilt, change in eating habits or not being able to concentrate. All these signs point in the same direction: depression.

Treating the symptoms

If your mood swings aren’t caused by depression, you may take some stress reduction classes or see a counselor. You may also try meditation, prenatal yoga and exercise. It is important for you to have a healthy diet and to have frequent but small meals. If your blood sugar level drops, you could have even more problems with mood swings.

If you notice the mood swings in early pregnancy symptoms, there is nothing to be worried about. You might want to control them, but you can be sure that your problems of this kind will be gone pretty soon.


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