PMS Vs Pregnancy Signs – How They Differ?


Whether you are worried about unplanned pregnancy or even trying to conceive, you have to know the difference between PMS vs pregnancy signs.

PMS Vs Pregnancy SignsFor first time mothers, it is too difficult for them to differentiate the symptoms of pregnancy with symptoms of PMS because early pregnancy symptoms are almost similar to what you experience during PMS.

Prior one week before the period, you may feel PMS symptoms such as tender or swollen breasts, bloating, tiredness, fatigue, mood swings, headaches, cramps, anxiety, depression, and food cravings. All these symptoms are almost identical to the symptoms of early pregnancy.

In case you are registering basal body temperature, actively trying to conceive, or thoroughly aware of your body and the normal PMS symptoms, then you can easily recognize whether the symptoms you are experiencing are pregnancy related or not.

Women who are unaware of all these things only need to wait for the period to arrive. In case if it doesn’t occur, you need to have a pregnancy test. Here are the most common PMS vs pregnancy signs:

PMS vs pregnancy signs – Tender and swollen breasts

Few days before your period, you may experience tender and swollen breasts which hurt you whenever touched. Prior to the menstrual period, for small breast sized women, breasts will become slightly larger than normal. Once you are near to the period, breasts become to normal size.

In case of pregnancy, tender and swollen breasts may cause tingling sensation whenever touched. Few notice heavier and fuller breasts. This pregnancy symptom starts two or three weeks after the conception.

PMS vs pregnancy signs–Missed period

If you have regular periods, a missed period is the first and unmistakable sign of pregnancy. Also, some women may experience mild spotting, which is the most common symptom of implantation. Women with irregular periods may suspect this condition as a light period.

PMS vs pregnancy signs – Fatigue

Exhaustion and fatigue are the most annoying symptoms of PMS that most women experience. Fatigue is also a symptom of pregnancy that results from the increased hormone levels to support your pregnancy. A week after the conception, women usually experience fatigue. So, it is very difficult to distinguish whether it is PMS or pregnancy sign.

PMS vs pregnancy signs – Morning Sickness

Morning sickness or nausea and vomiting are also common signs of pregnancy. About 90% of women experience this condition. This pregnancy symptom starts to appear about 2-8 weeks following conception.

So, is your condition a PMS or pregnancy symptom? Unless you miss the period, it will be difficult to distinguish the symptoms. If it is a positive pregnancy, have a nice journey towards your baby!!!


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