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There are various signs that indicate a teenager may be pregnant. According to recent studies, the US has the highest rate of teen pregnancy. Here are the signs, symptoms, and behaviors that indicate a teenager may be with child.

Keep close attention on your daughter in case you suspect she may be sexually active or already pregnant. The signs and symptoms of teenage pregnant are similar to older women but they may show different behavior. In case you notice any signs and symptoms that indicate your teen is pregnant, don’t hesitate to talk to her.

A sexually active teen should watch for these symptoms:

Teenage pregnancy Signs SymptomsAmenorrhea

It is the absence of menstrual period during the reproductive age. Similar to adult pregnancies, missing period is an important symptom of teenage pregnancy. The period will be completely absent or it will be present with very light and infrequent bleeding.

Sudden illness

Illnesses like a bladder infection or stomach flu is also a symptom of teen pregnancy

Body changes

Increasing weight is a sign of teen pregnancy. Breast swelling and tenderness is also a symptom. However weight gain is common during pregnancy and the breast changes are often confused with the onset of the menstrual cycle.

Vomiting and frequent urination

During the early stage of teenage pregnancy, vomiting and frequent urination are the most obvious symptoms. Also, sexually active teens who use washrooms more frequently may also be pregnant. In addition, most pregnant teens reported morning sickness during the early stage of pregnancy. Experiencing stomach weakness and vomiting can be a definite sign to do a pregnancy test.

Appetite changes

Appetite changes and odd food cravings can indicate the symptoms of pregnancy. Changes in eating habits and indulging yourself in foods that you normally won’t prefer to eat can all be a signal indicating that you are pregnant.

Exhaustion and fatigue

Feeling tired and overly exhausted can also be the teen pregnancy signs.

Body aches

Headaches and backaches usually present during early pregnancy stage. Also, these are most common due to the abrupt changes in the hormone levels.


Cramping without actually starting your period can also be a sign of pregnancy. Cramping is most common when the implantation of the embryo takes place in the uterus. If the cramps occur and go for at least a week without starting your period, then it may be a sure sign that you are pregnant.

Mood swings

Mood swings are usually due to hormonal changes during puberty. Also, pregnancy hormones can cause mood swings.


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