Late Pregnancy Signs – What to Expect


The last few weeks, before the grand finale is when it feels like your body has been through so much, so far and is this for real? As hard as it is to imagine, you’ve been doing great so far and the time has nearly come. But at this stage, it can be hard to differentiate between normal pregnancy signs and late pregnancy signs that could indicate any potential complication.

Late pregnancy may also come with certain risks, along with regular symptoms in some pregnant women. Find out all about the signs of late pregnancy for better awareness.


Your body is already working hard in creating a new life, so you will naturally feel fatigued, especially in this late phase. Try to take breaks and not over exert yourself. On the other hand, continue with your regular exercise, suggested by your doctor, as it helps in strengthening your body for child birth.


This is a normal symptom in late pregnancy, because it can be hard to find a comfortable position. You need to sleep, but your big belly, leg cramps and backache can make it all impossible for you sleep peacefully. Also, the urge to urinate often adds to your sleeping woes.

Cramps in legs and back pain  

You will notice that the aching and pulling sensation in your legs grows more, as you move closer to your final date. This may be due to the pressure applied on the nerves by the expanding uterus. Back pain also increases, as your body’s posture changes. You may go for a gentle massage or warm compress to find relief. Also, stretches before going to bed help alleviate leg cramps.

Digestive distress

You may continue to have constipation and bloating, because of the hormonal disturbances.

That burning sensation you feel in your chest, when you eat something spicy is attributed to your uterus getting bigger. This problem can be avoided by eating lighter, smaller meals whenever you feel hungry.

Pressure in pelvis

As you are getting closer, your baby moves lower into pelvis, as in preparation for labor. This can lead to pressure and pain in your pelvis, but may relieve you from breathing difficulties and digestive problems, as the lungs aren’t compressed anymore. The baby may not go down until very last moment in some pregnancies though.

False labor

You may have already experienced these contractions which show up now and then and may grow even more stronger as the days are closing in. You may be concerned about the pain, but keep count and observe if they are growing at a regular pace. If they don’t, then it’s a false alarm.

Late pregnancy signs that are not normal

Sometimes you may experience uncommon symptoms in your late pregnancy, which may indicate any potential conditions such as preeclampsia, placental abruption, chorioamnionitis or heart conditions. The chances for occurrence of these complications are very slim, but it’s better to be aware about the symptoms.

  • Swelling of your hands, face and /or fingers
  • Bleeding
  • Severe abdominal pain which may be accompanied by back pain
  • Leaking of amniotic fluid, which may also gush out when urinating
  • Burning sensation or pain when urinating
  • Headache that refuses to go
  • Pain from contractions which is continuous, without a pause


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