What should I expect at 3 months pregnant?


You may feel surreal being 3 months pregnant. The tentative first trimester is completed, and somewhere you feel relieved out of the woods. And now you probably start sharing the big news (yay!).

Pregnancy is like a marathon, yet you’re about a third of the way through the journey. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can expect at three months pregnant for you and your baby.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at Three Months Pregnant

Let us guess – You kind of feel like crazy right now? That’s very common. At this stage, some of the pregnancy symptoms you notice are pleasant and welcome, while others are quite challenging. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s normal during pregnancy.

What should I expect at 3 months pregnant

At 3 months, your pregnancy symptoms like:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • constipation, gas, and heartburn
  • breast changes such as swelling, itching, and darkening of the nipples
  • fatigue
  • dizziness and headaches
  • increase in appetite
  • mood swings
  • increase in vaginal discharge
  • increase in food cravings

Three Months Pregnant: Changes Inside and Out

Fetal Development: Your baby works very hard to grow at three months. The baby will be 2 and 3 inches long and weigh about as much as a lemon. At three months pregnant, your baby can move in your belly, but you won’t be able to feel this yet.

At 3 months of pregnancy, your baby’s:

  • digestive, muscle, and skeletal systems are developing
  • fingers and toes begin to form
  • kidneys start functioning 
  • reflexes are developing
  • bone marrow produces white blood cells
  • genitals are developing 

Changes to Your Body: Every woman’s body is different. Some may project a small baby bump this month, and some women start to show at other times. Your breasts continue growing and changing. If you’re prone to acne, you may have outbreaks. Moreover, you won’t gain much weight during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Diet and Exercise in the Third Month of Pregnancy

Most women start to notice that their nausea subsides, and they feel more hungry. Take advantage of this and prepare a healthy diet and exercise plan. Make sure to focus on a nutritious pregnancy diet, including proteins, whole grains, and fruits. Stay hydrated and limit the intake of coffee to two cups per day.

And, check in with your healthcare provider before you plan to exercise. Always go with safe options like yoga, walking, and swimming.

Checklist for 3 Months of Pregnant

Take good care of yourself as it is too early to prepare for labor.

  • Talk with your doctor about an exercise routine 
  • Take your prenatal vitamins
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Build a bond with your bump
  • Communicate with your husband
  • Share your baby news
  • Make maternity leave plans

Bottom Line

Miscarriage risk is low at this stage of pregnancy. However, contact your health care provider if you have severe back pain, fever, constant vomiting, pain during urination, vaginal discharge, or foul smell. 

Except you have one of these symptoms, most of your pregnancy concerns can be addressed at your monthly checkup.


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