What symptoms to expect during the Second Month of Pregnancy?


When a lady is two months pregnant, she feels a lot of change both physically as well as emotionally. This change comes owing to variation in estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. The hormonal environment required by the child to grow affects the mother in a big way. The temporary discomfort in the body during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. The intensity as well as the frequency of the symptoms increases with every passing month. Few of the symptoms which you can expect in the second month of pregnancy are:

1. Increase in Breast Size

Your breasts will become fuller during the 2nd month of pregnancy. You might also feel some tenderness in the breasts. Some women can even find it painful to wear their bra. Your nipples might darken in color. This is allowing the hormonal changes taking place in the body. The capillary structure of your breasts will become more visible due to translucent skin.

2. Nausea and other digestive issues

The morning sickness is another common symptom of pregnancy. This symptom becomes stronger during the second month of pregnancy. Your doctor will recommend you few pills to alleviate these symptoms. Some women continue to feel sick all through their pregnancy.

symptoms to expect during the Second Month of Pregnancy

3. Exhaustion and Insomnia

You will feel excessively tired and fatigues. Also going off to sleep will be a tough thing for you. Try to take short naps during the day. Go for some prenatal exercises as these will keep you energetic and active during your pregnancy.

4. Frequent Urination

As the pressure on your bladder increases, you will feel the need to urinate very frequently. Try practicing Kegel exercises. This will minimize your trips to the bathroom. If at all you feel any kind of pain during urination you must inform your doctor. It is quite likely that you must have contracted some kind of infection of the urinary tract.

5. Hypersalivation as well as thirty

The composition of saliva on your tongue alters during the pregnancy. You might get a metallic kind of taste in your mouth. The salivation can intensify morning sickness. You can get rid of the metallic taste of chewing gum or just having any flavored candy.

Because of frequent urination, you will feel thirsty. Just bear in mind that all this takes place because the body now needs extra fluids to build up an amniotic environment in which the baby will develop.

Try to drink sufficient water. This will be good both for the mother and the child..

6. Gas, constipation, and heartburn

These three symptoms are quite common during the 2nd month. To mange constipation, you should include lots of fiber in your diet. Kegel exercises will also enable to alleviate these symptoms. You will also feel bloated due to water retention in the body. Stay away from greasy food as well as carbonated drinks. Try to take small and frequent meals during the day.


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