Is it Normal to Have White Discharge Early Pregnancy?


Most women often complain of observing white discharge early pregnancy. Few women think of it as an early pregnancy symptom. Women who are not expecting pregnancy and are worried about thick, white discharge in early pregnancy should read this article.

Causes of white discharge early pregnancy:

Causes of white discharge early pregnancyThick, slightly smelling, or odorless white discharge during early pregnancy is called leucorrhea. Women who experience this kind of situation don’t need to worry as it is completely normal or thought of as an early symptom of pregnancy.

Rapid hormonal changes during pregnancy can result in milky discharge. Increased estrogen levels and improved blood flow to the vagina can cause increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Most women observe an increase in vaginal discharge when they are pregnant.

This creamy discharge contains old cells from the vagina and cervix along with the usual flora of vaginal bacteria. Also, it helps in preventing the infection that may travel from the vagina to the womb.

Is it normal to have vaginal discharge during pregnancy?

It is completely normal to have vaginal discharge during your pregnancy. This vaginal discharge should be milky white or clear and creamy. In case you experience clear and thin watery discharge during pregnancy, it can be a sign of leakage of amniotic fluid. When you observe this, you should consult your doctor.

If this odorless discharge is accompanied by an itching and burning sensation, then it may be a sign of yeast infection. If the discharge appears in colors like gray, green, yellow with or without smell, smelly or frothy texture, then it may be a sign of sexually transmitted disease or vaginal infection. In case you observe this with you, you should consult your doctor and get the problem corrected as soon as possible. In case you observe increased vaginal discharge along with mucus-like substance, you should immediately call your doctor.

white discharge early pregnancy

How to prevent discharge during pregnancy?

You can do nothing about the discharge. Only this is you need to maintain good genital hygiene and also you should wear cotton panties. Avoid using scented pads, tight pants, deodorants, scented soaps, and nylons. Also, you should avoid douching as it can cause an imbalance of the normal genital flora. Sometimes it can cause infection or introduce air into your circulatory system from the vagina thus leading to serious complications.

So, you should keep in mind that vaginal discharge during early pregnancy is normal and is usually one of the most possible signs of pregnancy. If you have any doubt regarding the discharge, you should talk to your health care provider.


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