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how to relieve back pain during pregnancy while sleeping

How to Find Relief from Back Pain in Pregnancy while Sleeping

As your belly increases in size, it shifts your pelvis forward, causing you to lean backwards. This body posture forms a curve like gap...

Easy Home Remedies for Back Pain during Pregnancy

As enjoyable as you think pregnancy is, it brings many changes in your body. Your body makes way for the baby to grow inside...
8 Months Pregnant Back Pain

How to Prevent 8 Months Pregnant Back Pain?

Back pain is the most common complaint during pregnancy, but during the third trimester, it will be a little severe. As the growing belly...
Pregnancy Exercises for Back Pain

How Kind of Pregnancy Exercises for Back Pain Will Help You?

80% of women will experience back pain during pregnancy. The severity of back pain varies with your regular routine during pregnancy, for example, if...

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