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painful pimple on nipple of breastfeeding women

Painful Nipple Pimple in Breastfeeding Women

Breastfeeding moms may experience formation of tiny, painful pimples on their nipples. This condition is commonly seen in lactating women. These pimple like formations...
Importance of Breastfeeding

Significance and Importance of Breastfeeding

A lot of taboos, cultural and otherwise, are associated with breastfeeding or nursing the infant. New parents are often in a fix on this...
Breastfeeding Engorged Breasts at Night

How to Treat Breastfeeding Engorged Breasts at Night?

Breast engorgement usually occurs within the initial weeks of breastfeeding. It occurs when the breastfeeding letdown and the colostrums turn into mature milk. Breastfeeding...
What Age To Stop Breastfeeding

What Age to Stop Breastfeeding?

As we all know that there are several benefits of breastfeeding, but after a specific time period, mothers should stop feeding. But most of...
Breastfeeding Side Effects

5 Most Common Breastfeeding Side Effects That Make Nursing More Difficult

There are various breastfeeding side effects, both good and bad. Even though the negative side effects can be treated, sometimes they may make it...
breastfeeding Pain in Nipple

Know the 6 Causes of Breastfeeding Pain in Nipple

Breastfeeding pain in the nipple is a very common condition that most women experience after child birth. After the delivery, nipples may become sensitive...
Benefits of Breastfeeding

Know The Wonderful Benefits of Breastfeeding to Mom and the Baby

There are several reasons that make why breastfeeding so special – it creates joyful bonding between you and the baby, saves the money from...

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