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types of hypertension during pregnancy

Types of Hypertension Related to Pregnancy

High blood pressure in pregnant women needs a different set of guidelines and treatment, compared to general case of hypertension without pregnancy. This condition...
signs of hypertension during pregnancy

Hypertension Symptoms to Lookout for during Pregnancy

Hypertension is having high-blood pressure reading of 130/90 mm Hg during pregnancy. This is a serious condition, which may cause complications in pregnant women....
risks of hypertension during pregnancy

Risks Associated with Hypertension in Pregnant Women

Having high blood pressure during the course of pregnancy may pose certain risks to the expecting mother and her baby. It can occur at...
hypertension complications

Complications Associated with Hypertension during Pregnancy

Arteries supply oxygenated blood to all the tissues and organs in our body. When the pressure in the walls of these blood vessels increases,...
Pregnancy Related Hypertension Treatment

Pregnancy Related Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension, a common pregnancy related condition can lead to many complications if severe. It needs timely diagnosis and prompt treatment to reduce adverse effects...
causes of hypertension during pregnancy

What Causes Hypertension during Pregnancy?

Hypertension is referred to as a condition where blood pressure of pregnant women is 130/80 mm Hg or more. This can create serious complications...

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