What Causes the Feeling of Vaginal Pressure during Periods?


Women are quite familiar with the unpleasant experiences of regular menstrual periods. The side effects vary from woman to woman, but some symptoms are very common. Like sensitivity and pain in the lower abdomen, cramping, and the associated discomfort.

Hormones which are referred to as prostaglandins are mainly responsible for causing pain during periods, but sometimes pelvic nerves tend to cause vaginal pain too and this can extend to your thighs and hips as well. When your menstrual cycle starts, estrogen and progesterone levels undergo various changes and this changes the pH levels of the vagina. This can lead to soreness and pain in your genitalia.

Vaginal Pressure during PeriodsWhat happens during periods?

Every month, your uterus starts to discharge its inner lining in the form of menstrual fluid through the vagina. While this is a regular function of the female reproductive system and may pass without any side effects in the case of most women, some may experience extreme pain and discomfort. The pain is usually at its worst in the first two days. Women can feel pain in the lower belly, legs, feet, and lower back. Sometimes it can be sharp and gripping due to muscle contractions.

These contractions usually enable the menstrual flow during periods. However, if a woman suffers from period pain, caused due to a surge in prostaglandins, the contractions tend to be stronger and the pain, more severe. Now, why some women experience such extreme levels of discomfort remains unknown.

What causes vaginal pressure?

There is a constant, dull ache associated with menstrual flow. It feels as if there is continuous pressure down there. This is primarily because of periods but may also indicate some other underlying issue in a few cases. One such condition is the presence of fibroids, which cause severe pain and pressure in the vagina. These are formed in the uterus and can be treated using medication or may need surgery, depending on the levels of severity. Vaginitis is another condition that can lead to vaginal pressure, pain during periods. This is a yeast infection that causes itchiness and foul odor in the vagina. Vaginitis can occur any time, but becomes more noticeable during periods, because of the changes in vaginal pH levels. You need to seek medical advice to evaluate the cause and receive the necessary medication.

If you feel that your symptoms are unusual and the discomfort keeps growing, you should consult your doctor for proper evaluation. It is better to seek help than to suffer. You may find an alternative that works for you.


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